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17/10/2012 - A new look for our website

16/10/2012 - Tehnoma Skopje

Welcome to OZON

Why to choose us?

  • Because we will save together.
  • Because we respect Your investment and Your money.
  • We do not fight to work for any price.Our knowledge is not hidden, mystique or unique, we just work for You.
  • Because part of our profit is invested in scholarships to yang architects for the generations that comes.
  • Because we work Green and take care for ecology, nature and environment.
  • Because we take care for our partners.
  • Because we take care for our employers.
  • Because in times when only material interest is important for communication between people, when global crisis is knocking on every door in every company and every home, we, in Ozon, choose to go back to our grandfathers cultural and moral perceptions and create higher values for us and for our customers.
  • Because common respect and friendship are most important human values.

In Ozon we know the right move, You move it.